From DEI to EDI: Interrupting Inter-System Whiteness in Racial Equity Leadership Series Part 2: Lead and Change Culture in Organizations

In recent years, DEI - Diversity, Equity and Inclusion - has become the commonplace terminology for work being done to address systemic bias.  At Courageous Conversation®, we lead with equity and are intentional in our approach to EDI - Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.  This series utilizes theories and practices to guide participants through the interrogation of historical and contemporary beliefs about EDI in the workplace.  Designed to advance culture change, corporations, nonprofits and government sectors can benefit from this courageous dialogue while discovering new approaches in dismantling systemic inequity.

This session is designed to help leaders get unstuck and begin the right conversations to realize change in the organization. While we continue our journey utilizing the Courageous Conversation® Protocol we will  ENGAGE through personal reflection, SUSTAIN by exploring and incorporating adaptive problem-solving techniques and DEEPEN our conversation as we examine the presence and role of Whiteness in the workplace.


Any in-person/virtual foundational Courageous Conversation® training
Participants must take Part I before Part II