Courageous Conversation® Exploration

One challenge faced by our partners as they grow the work over time is continually  providing opportunities for onboarding into the foundational concepts of the  Courageous Conversation® for newly hired staff and colleagues. This full-day, 6.5  hour, seminar responds to this need by providing a virtual option that acquaints  individuals with a set of tools to implement in their personal and professional  lives. The Protocol is our award-winning method for engaging, sustaining and  deepening dialogues about race. Participants will be introduced to the three  components of The Protocol: The Compass, Four Agreements, and Six Conditions,  and will discover how incorporating these three elements in conjunction creates  an access point to address the outcomes in their lives as it relates to race and  racism in a proactive transformational manner. This professional learning  exercise will enable participants to gain a working understanding of racial equity,  diversity and inclusion.