Book Study: Shifting Self & System

Join us for a transformative four-week book study with Courageous Conversation’s own Dr. Ruby Ababio-Fernandez and Courtney Winkfield, as we embark on a profound journey through their new book, Shifting Self & System. This groundbreaking text boldly proclaims that the pathway to equity begins with YOU and urges us to recognize that good intentions alone are insufficient in the quest to dismantle the structural inequities that persist in our schools. We must move beyond mere buzzword rhetoric and translate our intentions into action, forging a concrete path towards strategic change with lasting impact.

Dr. Fernandez and Courtney Winkfield, drawing from their extensive experience in educational leadership, will introduce their model for practical, outcome-oriented antiracist leadership. Their original framework is built upon five interconnected pillars: Self Mastery, Adaptive Leadership, Racial Literacy, Emergence, and Whole-Body Healing. Throughout the book, real-life vignettes provide powerful insights into how these pillars function together, making the concepts accessible and relatable.

As participants in this transformative book study, you will have the opportunity to explore structured tools and processes that support individual and collective development. If you are ready to embrace the moral leadership challenge of our time and create equitable schools and systems for all the students you serve, Shifting Self & System will serve as an indispensable guide.

Don't miss this chance to be part of a transformative journey towards educational equity. Join us for four weeks of reflective discussions and transformative growth, and together, let's shift ourselves and our systems toward a brighter and more just future.