Courageous Conversation® Academy is a virtual learning platform designed to meet you where you’re at in your personal and professional racial equity transformation journey. Course offerings encompass a variety of topics, with each session uniquely crafted to deepen your understanding of our award-winning Protocol and Framework for Systemic Racial Equity Transformation.


BOOK STUDY: Courageous Conversations About Race

In his groundbreaking work, Courageous Conversations About Race, Glenn Singleton, Founder & CEO of Courageous Conversation™, explains why learning to talk about race is critical to our nation's healing and future success. Glenn’s work demonstrates how doing so is much less painful, and not half as risky as we imagine.

Book Study: Shifting Self & System

Join us for a transformative four-week book study with Courageous Conversation’s own Dr. Ruby Ababio-Fernandez and Courtney Winkfield, as we embark on a profound journey through their new book, Shifting Self & System, which boldly proclaims that the pathway to equity begins with YOU and urges us to recognize that good intentions alone are insufficient in the quest to dismantle the structural inequities that persist in our schools.

Courageous Conversation® Exploration

Through this exploration of the three components of The Protocol: The Compass, Four Agreements, and Six Conditions, participants will learn how to address the impact of race on outcomes in their lives, and have conversations about race and racism in a proactive and transformational manner.

Introduction to Courageous Conversation®

Designed to meet you at whatever your level of experience, this session will acquaint participants with a set of tools, The Courageous Conversation® Protocol, to engage, sustain and deepen dialogues about race in order to promote an essential literacy and consciousness necessary to understand the impact of race in each of our lives.

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A New Way of Being: Interrupting the White Narrative (A Journey Back to Our Collective Humanity) Part 1

​​Examine the presence and role of Whiteness in our lives in a deep exploration of how messaging, conditioning and notions of White racial validation have colored our experiences.

A New Way of Being: Interrupting the White Narrative (A Journey Back to Our Collective Humanity) Part 2

Continue to reflect on our collective stories as we develop our understanding of self as White racial beings and move toward a new racial consciousness.

Antiracism in the Workplace

Through the interrogation of various contemporary scholars, participants will examine distinguishing definitions between non-racist and anti-racist behavior. 

Black Affinity Series: Am I My Brother’s Keeper?

Examine the historical and contemporary context in which Black, male-identifying people of color find themselves as we address the impacts of systemic racism. Participants will learn how to interrupt damaging societal forces that impact the psyche and spirit of Black males and accelerate Black male leadership in the workplace and beyond.

Black Affinity Series: The Pursuit, Power and Practice of Black Joy

This racial affinity session will explore the intersection of race, power and joy in Black culture to reveal how Black joy functions as a critical tool of resistance.

Black Table Talk: An Intergenerational Conversation With Black women

Participants will discuss ways Black women navigate Whiteness and reclaim power through various forms of activism, self-care, and community building.

Compass & Four Agreements: Grow & Practice Series Part I

Using experiential activities and conversations centered on race, this session will deepen your understanding and activation of the Four Agreements and Compass as central tools for turning passion in practice. 

From DEI to EDI: Interrupting Inter-System Whiteness in Racial Equity Leadership Series Part 1: Personalizing the Journey

This series utilizes theories and practices to guide participants through an interrogation of historical and contemporary beliefs about EDI in the workplace and exploration of new approaches to dismantling systemic inequity.

Part I invites participants to reflect on the impact of race on their daily work as well as their personal experiences with DEI in the workplace.

From DEI to EDI: Interrupting Inter-System Whiteness in Racial Equity Leadership Series Part 2: Lead and Change Culture in Organizations

Part II is designed to help leaders get unstuck and begin the right conversations to realize change in their organizations.

National Summit for Courageous Conversation 2023: Continuing our Collective Connection

Join us in our vibrant virtual community, the Courageous Conversation Academy, where we will not only reflect on our transformative Summit experiences but also fortify our strategies to steer racial equity progress in 2024.


Processing Protocol: Staying Engaged on the Journey

This live facilitated space is designed to support recent Exploration, Beyond Diversity™, VCC Experience and Foundations graduates in their reflection on what it means to expect and accept non-closure. Our facilitators will provide guidance as you begin to process your experience and chart a path for what your “try tomorrows” look like. 

Putting Protocol Together: Grow & Practice Series Part III

In this session, participants will incorporate all elements of The Protocol as we practice how to use them in concert in order to engage, sustain, and deepen Courageous Conversations About Race. 

Six Conditions: Grow & Practice Series Part II

Part II is designed to  learn and deepen one's practice of the Six Conditions. Participants will gain a deeper understanding on how to engage those who won’t talk, sustain a conversation when it gets uncomfortable, and deepen the conversation where authentic dialogue and meaningful actions occur.

Time Zone: (UTC-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada) [Change Time Zone]